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Emotional and behavioral issues are of real concern for increasing numbers of families. Evidence shows that when stress is high for either the child or the parent, good support is helpful for both. This program will help you hit new breakthroughs in your sessions, and provide a child’s entire care team with useful, actionable information they can use to repair, grow and move forward.

  • Learn a paradigm-shifting approach on how emotions function and how they can be responded to in order to shift challenging behaviors, increase connection and encourage growth.
  • Begin using five concrete trauma-responsive caregiving and peer-support tools that attend to both the emotional needs of adults and the children in their care, to buffer children against hard times, and disrupt the transmission of trauma to the next generation.
  • Join discussions and discourse of developmental theory, with a focus on practical and experiential application.
  • Learn tools that strengthen the social-emotional foundation necessary for children’s growth, learning and healing from old hurts.
  • Increase your confidence  in responding to children’s emotions and behaviors.
  • Attend small group mentoring with 90-minute weekly meetings online led by a Hand in Hand Instructor.
  • Gain expertise in the approach as you introduce and practice the tools in your own family and with those you work with.

Any person working in a professional capacity with children, parents, or families.
Therapists, Childcare Providers, Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physicians, Nurses, Medical Staff, Life Coaches, Perinatal Educators, etc.


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Thursday 9:30 AM US Pacific, 12:30 PM US Eastern, 5:30 PM UK
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