Starter Class Series for Parents

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Hand in Hand Starter Class

Empower yourself as a parent with tools you can rely on to become the secure base your child needs. Overcome challenging behavior, heal old hurts from your childhood that cause anger, worry and confusion to flare, and build a family rich with laughter and connection.

  • Understand how emotions affect the way your child behaves, and what they need to do well.
  • Respond to difficult behaviors like defiance, anxiety and aggression with confidence and clarity.
  • Deep-dive each Hand in Hand listening tool one-by-one to learn how each works, how to get the best from the tool, ways to adapt it for your family, and how it fits with the other tools in the program.
  • Heal your own past hurts, uncover triggers and break generational trauma cycles with weekly in-call Listening Partnerships that restores your energy for parenting.
  • Weekly 90-minute mentoring call with a Hand in Hand Instructor.
  • Small group sessions with like-minded parents so you can build support for the parent you want to be.
  • Access a library of video classes and texts to further your learning
  • Attend online, in a class that suits your schedule.
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