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It's been close to a year since we all locked down. Even as we look forward to returning to normal, your kids may still be struggling. This is a great time for getting support and TOOLS to help your family get to the other side. We'll focus on HEALING our families and coming out of this even stronger.
Are you starting to see some new ‘attitude’ or feeling your child withdraw or suddenly blow up? Have you been wondering how to use the Hand in Hand tools as your young one turns into a tween? Join Instructor Kathy Gordon as we work our way through the video Course, “Raising Happier Tweens”. We will explore setting healthy limits with your tween/teen. And how to stay connected, even as they seem to pull away.
Are you looking for a closer, more connected, and cooperative relationship with your child? Do you want answers about why your child’s behavior goes off-track and what you can do to help? Would you like to have more fun with your family? If so, join certified instructors Blake Adams and Kirsten Nottleson, for a six-week Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class that will give your family a solid foundation to build on.
Join Certified Instructor Heidi Russell and other like-minded parents for a six-week journey and discover how the Hand in Hand Parenting Tools can change your parenting–and your life! We will explore: The 6 tools needed to raise a happy, well-rounded child The common causes of crying and its surprising benefits Why your child throws tantrums and how you can respond to them How your child’s emotions work How to heal your child’s fears How to help an angry child become playful and compassionate
Come practice your Listening Partnership skills. This group is open to anyone who has previously taken a Hand in Hand Starter Class or a listening partnership class. Led by a certified instructor, this group is only to practice the skill and build our knowledge about ourselves through listening partnerships.
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