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These are challenging times for parents and care-givers!  Get support and build skills for navigating difficulties peacefully, even playfully, while staying calmer and better-connected during the holidays. Receive weekly instruction, build community with other parents and gain five practical Hand in Hand tools you can use to create connection and build joy in your family.
"A life changing experience" says one mother of Madeleine's Hand in Hand Starter Class. Learn what drives your child's behaviour, and concrete, parent-tested tools to set limits and build closeness and connection in your family. Get Personalised Support to help you set limits, build co-operation, and get the fun back into family life.
Come practice your Listening Partnership skills. This group is open to anyone who has previously taken a Hand in Hand Starter Class or a listening partnership class. Led by a certified instructor, this group is only to practice the skill and build our knowledge about ourselves through listening partnerships.
Starting school can be a challenge for both parents and children. There are separations, new social challenges, and challenges in learning. And there is much to learn about how to be “school parents”! Learn practical Listening Tools from Hand in Hand Parenting to build your child’s confidence, prepare for separations, help with learning, and get the support you need to keep supporting your kids the way you want to!
Get weekly Parenting Support in a Hand in Hand Parenting Group with experienced instructor Madeleine Winter, by Zoom, from anywhere in the world. You'll build support for yourself and learn ways to maintain and repair closeness and solve problems in your family, so that you are more connected, and have more fun, more of the time.
Are you interested in learning what Hand in Hand Parenting is all about? Or meeting other Hand in Hand Parents? Or maybe you have questions about using the Listening Tools with your children, in the situations that challenge you most? We have a free event coming up just for you. Welcome to Third Thursdays!
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