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Come and join a friendly and supportive 6 week Zoom course to learn the tools of Hand in Hand Parenting with an experienced professional. I love teaching these classes! They are warm, friendly and highly supportive. It’s wonderful to see how quickly parents tend to get to grips with the tools and start to gain confidence and blossom in areas of their parenting where they were previously struggling. Hearing about the positive and often transformative effects on their children and their families as a whole is joyful!
The five simple Parenting by Connection tools taught in this course have a profound ability to change the way that you work and transform the difficulties parents face. You will discover how to lead parents into the heart of their concern for their child and to find new ways to work with their own feelings of overwhelm and frustration that will heal old wounds and lead to more harmonious family life.
What if you could teach your clients who are parents the tools to help turn their child's emotional outbursts into healing moments for both themselves and their child? ​This talk designed for therapists and other professionals who work with parents explains what goes on the brain and mind of a child who is stuck in their emotions and what you can do to help. This incredibly simple yet profound tool called "Staylistening" is one of the five Tools used by millions of parents who have learned Hand in Hand Parenting. Let it transform the power struggles in everything from school refusal to morning routine woes, difficulty getting off devices, hearing no, and even ease bedtime fears.
Hand in Hand Dads Connect is a space for men to gather every other month to share our stories, listen to each other, ask questions, and learn what we have in common. It is a space for you to bring your worries and fears, as well as your successes and passions. We are here to remind each other that we are not alone with our struggles. Facilitated by Hand in Hand Parenting instructors Tom Anderson and Blake Adams with the support of Hand in Hand instructor candidates David Cales, Keith Geiselman, and Evangelos Raptis.
Come practice your Listening Partnership skills. This group is open to anyone who has previously taken a Hand in Hand Starter Class or a listening partnership class. Led by a certified instructor, this group is only to practice the skill and build our knowledge about ourselves through listening partnerships.
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