A Free, In-Person Event – How To Grow Your Child’s Emotional Resilience and Make Friends With Their Big Feelings Using The Hand in Hand Parenting Approach, Presented by Pamela Quiery

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The most trying times for parents are emotional moments – moments when our children are uncooperative, whiny, demanding, aggressive, or heading for an all-out meltdown.

Get a fresh take on why these moments occur, and how to respond gently yet effectively so your child's resilience grows.

This FREE talk is designed for parents of children aged 12 and under. We'll talk about why children choose small, seemingly petty issues as triggers to their deepest feelings, and what parents can do to further their child's well-being during these emotional moments. Learn two simple but powerful Listening Tools that can help children feel closer to their parents, and tools parents can use to lighten their own stress load.

Wednesday 8th September, 2021 8pm Morton Community Centre, Belfast, BT9 7DU

Advanced booking required. Spaces strictly limited to comply with Covid-19 restrictions.
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