An Introduction to Hand in Hand Parenting with the Tales from the Toolbox Podcast Team, Alice Ritch, Belynda Smith, Kelly van Rooyen, Lara Zane and Stacy Wilson

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Are you curious about Hand in Hand Parenting?
Have you read a few articles or listened to a podcast or maybe even heard a friend talking about it?
Are you wondering what makes this approach different, or whether it really ‘works’ – is it any easier than just making this parenting stuff up as you go along?

Hand in Hand Parenting has been around for over 30 years, supporting parents around the world, both with their everyday challenges and with the tougher stuff that life sometimes throws our way. And while the five Hand in Hand tools are simple and effective they also represent a radical paradigm shift – away from a conventional parenting approach based on reward and punishment and towards a relationship based on connection and deep understanding of how emotions affect behaviour. They help us to help our children, and ourselves, through whatever life throws our way, building greater resilience and emotional intelligence along the way.

Discovering this approach and the changes it brought to their lives led Alice Ritch, Belynda Smith, Kelly van Rooyen, Lara Zane and Stacy Wilson to train as Hand in Hand instructors. This year they came together to create a podcast, Tales from the Toolbox, full of stories about how these tools bring real and lasting change in families around the world. The five interweaving voices and lived experiences shared in these judgment-free and down-to-earth conversations will inspire and nourish you. Each episode you can join this supportive group of friends who respect that you are doing your very best, whatever your unique situation. They laugh and learn together and get real about their own imperfect moments as they share the ups and downs of family life through the lens of Hand in Hand Parenting.

Now they are delighted to bring you this interactive workshop: An Introduction to Hand in Hand Parenting. You’ll get to meet and hear from several of the Tales from the Toolbox team, live, as they share an overview of this approach and give you ideas you can implement in your family straight away.

Parenting was never meant to be done alone; join this event to be part of the worldwide community of parents who put connection at the core to build warm, trusting relationships where everyone can thrive. And if you can’t make it live, check out the Tales from the Toolbox podcast with new episodes every Wednesday.


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