Connecting With Your Tween When All They Want Is Screens And You Are Ready To Scream! Presented by Pamela Quiery

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A tween (pre-teen) is a child who is between the stages of childhood and adolescence. It is this “in-between” stage that the name “tween” is derived from.

Children enter their tween years somewhere around ages 9 to 12 years old.

Suddenly your sweet child who used to beg to sit on your knee and wanted to spend all their time with you is now rolling their eyes and wanting their own space.

It can feel like the goal posts have changed and parents have to figure out how to navigate this stage. Despite the eye-rolls and grunts, your Tween needs you more than ever.

They crave independence but they still need your warmth, acceptance and guidance. As your child becomes a Tween it is vital to maintain a strong connection with them so your relationship remains strong through the teenage years.

This workshop is a chance to come together with other parents of Tweens and learn how to navigate the coming years.

We will talk about:
– Why connection is so important and ways to connect with reluctant Tweens
– Why limits are so important and how to set them in a way that will strengthen your relationship.
– Common issues such as bedtime and screen time

This will be an interactive workshop with time to ask questions and hear from other parents.

The cost of this workshop is £14.99, all those registering will receive a recording of the event. Please don't let cost be a barrier – discounts available for those on low wages.

Purchase tickets through Eventbrite or get in touch if you have any questions about this event:

More About Me

Hi, I am Pamela Quiery, I am a mum of two and a certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I love supporting parents by giving them practical tools they can start using straight away in their families to bring more cooperation and fun.

What people say about Pamela:

“Pamela is great! She's kind, open-minded and compassionate. She leads her sessions with confidence, humility and a bit of humour. I appreciate the honesty with which she shares her own experiences and the clarity with which she explains the philosophy and tools of Hand in Hand.”

“Thank you for helping me with my daily parenting struggles. Thank you for all the useful tools relating to your own personal experiences and for providing me with a fabulous group of people to exchange good and bad with, but most importantly laughter and a listening ear. Forever grateful.”

“Pamela is fab and funny, she has a great way of expressing the literature and telling related stories.”

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