Conscious & Connected An Online Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class with Carrie Meadows

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Would you like help and support with your child’s difficult behaviour?

I did!

Back in 2013 with a new baby and a toddler on my hip I would often feel overwhelmed, anxious, and insecure about my parenting. I wanted to channel, calm, playful mummy, and instead, I found myself being stressed, shouty & confused as to what was best. I desperately wanted to be the best I could be for my boys.

The course:
It's never too late for a restart. This course has the tools to help your family life improve with more fun and a deeper connection for all. 

‘Before the course, I had read most of the Hand in Hand material and normally I absorb information by reading but the classes, discussions and sharing was invaluable with this type of learning and I would highly recommend the classes’ Tom 2020

What will you learn:
• Sanity saving tools to reach for – practical and playful ways to set boundaries and solve those familiar parenting problems,
• The why do they do xxxxxxxx ???? Get to the bottom of your child’s unreasonable behaviours, tears and tantrums, rudeness and aggression
• A tool to help you navigate family life from your own personal values.
• A supportive small group of 6 parents in a non judgmental atmosphere.

More about me:
I reached out for support from Hand in Hand Parenting back when my kids were small, this has given me skills and tools that I can apply to almost any situation. I now use these tools and strategies daily to give my kids the connection they need and will continue to do so throughout their lives. Although I didn't realise back then the most important thing I gained from choosing this work was a connection to a group of parents who were having similar experiences and I hear this over and over from my starter class groups. The chance to be with like minds is game changing.

‘I feel blessed to have been part of the group and to have met some wonderful parents.' Kate 2018

Fast forward to today, with two boys 8 and 10 and there is still so much to learn and understand about their ever-changing lives’ but this work has given me the help I needed to figure out my own way forward. Every parent deserves this. So it’s become my passion to get it to as many of you as I can. In 2017 I became a certified Hand in hand parenting coach offering in person, online, support groups and 1:1 sessions.

‘Carrie was fantastic, and it was a pleasure to attend the course with her. I was sceptical before I took the course, but the tools and the way in which she introduced them has blown my scepticism away’. Rob 2020

You can now Join the Conscious & Connected 6 week online parenting course too.
What you get:
We will meet for 6 weeks in a small group to explore the 5 tools on weekly zoom calls, you will be encouraged to connect between sessions for further peer support and can contact me with questions.
You will have access to the following online materials The starter manual, 9 booklets on all the topics we cover Aprox 8 hours of video material, recorded by Patty Wipfler, the founder of this work. This will concrete you're learning well after our class sessions. You can even share this with your partner.

What previous starter class parents have said:

‘A fantastic course on the hand in hand parenting tools, Carrie teaches from her heart The techniques are very insightful and support parents to develop strong connections with their children.' Kate 2018

‘An excellent and unique parenting course. The 5 tools are transforming my parenting experience. I feel more connected to my children now and see how valuable listening partnerships are in the challenging journey of parenting.’ Caroline Cooling 2021

Full price 6 week course £260
*Early bird before 02 June £220
Payment plans (3 monthly payments available)
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