Dads Connect – When children get aggressive

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Dads Connect – how to help our children when they become aggressive

We are offering this FREE bi-monthly event series to better support men who are interested in learning more about Hand in Hand Parenting. At each meeting, participants will have the opportunity to share successes and challenges, ask questions, and support one another. We are united in our desire to strengthen relationships with our children by building emotional support for ourselves in a community with other fathers

Hi Men!

At the dad’s events in the past we often have had questions asking about how to help our children when they become aggressive.  So we have decided to focus this event on this theme.  

Come along  

  • If you would like to understand what is underneath our children’s aggressive behaviour

  • If you would like to explore the reactions that come up in you when they become aggressive

  • Or if you just want to connect with other dad’s exploring this parenting approach

We will have time to answer some of your questions on this topic and offer some helpful tools that you can try out 

Depending on numbers we will split into small groups facilitated by an instructor/instructor candidate to give you an experience of being listened to.

Register here:

Facilitated by Hand in Hand instructors Dave Cales and Tom Anderson, along with Blake Adams and instructor candidates Kimiti Wang'oo, Keith Geiselman, and Evangelos Raptis.

This event is free and we would invite you to make a donation to Hand in Hand Parenting according to what feels appropriate for you so that we can continue to support more families in our global community.

Hand in Hand provides programs for all people who are caring for children in any capacity. We occasionally offer specialized programs for people in particular caregiving roles and/or identity groups to provide support specific to their experiences. This month's event is for men/male-identified people who are caring for children in any caretaking role.

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