Hand in Hand Parenting Class for Fathers, with Blake Adams

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This class will introduce you to five concrete parenting tools, backed by developmental neuroscience and attachment research, that can curb power struggles and transform how you relate to your children. These connection-based “Listening Tools” from Hand in Hand have helped parents around the world build more connection, cooperation, and joy in their relationships with their children.

If you are a man parenting young children (ages 2-12) and would like to learn Hand in Hand's connection-based approach with a small group of like-minded fathers, this class is FOR YOU!

In this class you will develop the skills to:
– Decode what's at the root of your child's difficult behaviors
– Respond better to tears, tantrums, defiance, aggression, and other common parenting challenges
– Set limits with warmth and authority before becoming frustrated and “losing it”
– Utilize the power of play to lift your children's fears, restore their confidence, and win their cooperation
– Reduce your parenting stress by exchanging advice-free listening support with other dads

The course includes an online classroom with short videos and readings (e-booklets) by Hand in Hand founder, Patty Wipfler, organized into manageable at-home assignments. A weekly Zoom meeting gives participants a chance to connect with each other, ask questions, and receive individual consultation and support from the instructor. Weekly meetings are 60-90 minutes long, depending on the number of participants. Please register by September 13th.

*If $350 is not affordable for you, please contact me about reduced rate options. No parent should be without support!

Hand in Hand provides programs for all people who are caring for children in any capacity. We occasionally offer specialized programs for people in particular caregiving roles and/or identity groups to provide support specific to their experiences. This event is for men/male-identified people who are caring for children in a parenting role. 

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