Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class for Nannies and Caregivers with Sushila Hart

Parent Club/Scholarship Price

Hand in Hand Instructor, Sushila Hart, is offering a 6 week Starter Class for nannies and caregivers every Thursday from 02/11/2021 – 3/18/2021.
Start time is 11:00 a.m. PST. I have been a nanny for several years with many different families.
If you are thinking of becoming a nanny/caregiver, are currently a nanny/caregiver, or you are working with a family that would love for you to learn the Hand in Hand tools, this class is for you! We will explore how to incorporate these tools with the children you work with even if the parents are not familiar with the Hand in Hand Parenting approach. You will learn how to share with parents our parenting approach in a way that respects their style and ideas of parenting. Also, we will explore how your job as a nanny can be more rewarding and easier when using these tools.

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