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I’m Alison Kemi and this is my Hand in Hand story. As an exhausted new mum, I reached out for support when parenting felt way too hard. I felt like a failure that after years of longing to be a mother, it was so much tougher than I had imagined and I had no idea how to respond to constant screaming. I learned 5 simple tools to build connection, cooperation and resilience and now have a closer relationship with my child, have more joy and laughter in my life and can set limits in a way that works well for my family. The Hand in Hand Parenting tools have helped our family with sleep, tears and tantrums, separation anxiety, aggression, clingy and whiney behaviour, teethbrushing and dressing struggles, mealtimes, toileting and the overwhelming feelings that come with parenting. The support and connection I have received from likeminded parents has helped me to banish guilt, overcome exhaustion, lessen isolation and replace confusion with confidence. 

As well as good information firmly based in the latest neuroscience and trauma-informed practices to help our children thrive, I LOVE that Hand in Hand teaches:

  • You are the expert on your children.
  • You decide the values and limits important for your family.
  • You can experiment with how the tools work best for each child you have.  

I would love you to join me on Zoom on Fridays at 1pm UK time and support you to transform those tricky situations in family life, strengthen your connection with your children and build your support systems.


Week 1: The value of connection
Listening Partnerships

Week 2: Understanding your children’s emotions

Week 3: Why we lose it with our children and how to build a closer connection
Special Time

Week 4: Why children’s behaviour goes “off-track” and how to help them
Setting Limits

Week 5: Understanding children’s emotional projects and building confidence through laughter

Week 6: Time in/time out, building support and making a connection plan.



  • 6 weeks of live support calls with Alison Kemi, certified Hand in Hand Parenting instructor 
  • Small group size of maximum 6 parents 
  • Lifetime access to online self-study videos 
  • Parent Handbook Class Manual to download and guide you each week 
  • Listening to Children set of 9 booklets to download and keep
  • Dedicated messaging group on Whatsapp or similar to ask questions and stay connected throughout the 6 week class


  • Calls will last 60-90 minutes depending on group size.
  • You will need access to Zoom for video calls and high-speed Internet access.
  • Dates 22nd, 29th October, 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th November.
  • Time: 1pm UK time (BST to GMT when clocks change).
  • Please be aware time changes around the world may affect the call time. To convert to your time zone try www.worldtimebuddy.com. 
  • Cost is £260/$347 Contact me for Parent Club discount, information on Scholarships or couples’ discount. 
  • EARLY BIRD PRICE if you book by midnight, UK time, Friday 8th October.


“I was honoured to be given a chance to attend this course with a group of courageous, wise and humorous people, and learn that we are all experiencing similar things as parents. I also have a much deeper understanding of the five different tools and when and how to use them to build connection with my child.”

“Since taking this course the biggest change for me is my confidence in my ability to keep calm in triggering situations in order to help my kids through situations.”

“It has transformed how I think feel and believe about parenting. I believe the futures of my children will have greatly been improved as a result of Alison's ability to convey the principles of Hand in Hand Parenting. She models wisdom, justice and integrity.”

“After taking this course, stress and emotions are offloaded and I feel refuelled for parenting.”

“I use play listening almost hourly, and so successfully that I realise it is not my success, but my son’s natural way of being able to cope with the challenges that he finds in many of every day requirements made of him.  It feels like it gives him a strong elastic rope around a harness that means he can bounce up a dangerous cliff face and marvel in the view from the top.  As it pulls, he feels his own marvellous strength in the rope, and it helps him instead of dragging him down. I feel happier setting limits as soon as I see tricky behaviour, and I don’t think twice about getting down on a level with my son to listen and I see how often this is enough to help him out of his frustration.”



I would love you to reach out and ask me anything about this Starter Class or any of my workshops. If you would like to arrange a free 15 minute consultation to outline your situation and make sure this is the right fit for your family I would be delighted to connect with you. 

Email: alison@handinhandparenting.org

Facebook: Growing in Joy Parenting

Instagram: @growinginjoyparenting



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