Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class with Carrie Meadows

Parent Club/Scholarship Price

Would you like help and support with your child’s difficult behavior? I did!
Back in 2013 with a new baby and a toddler on my hip I would often feel overwhelmed, anxious, and insecure about my parenting. I wanted to channel calm, playful mum, and instead, I found myself being stressed, shouty, and tired. I desperately wanted to be the best mummy I could be for my boys. So I reached out for support from Hand in Hand Parenting, this gave me a connection to a group of parents who got me and 5 tools to help almost every parenting situation. Fast forward to today, with two boys 7 and 9 and there is still so much to learn and understand about their ever-changing lives’ but this work has given me the help I needed to figure out my own way forward. Every parent deserves this. So it’s become my passion to get it to as many of you as I can. In 2017 I became a certified Hand in hand parenting coach offering in person, online, support groups and 1:1 sessions. Join the Conscious & Connected parenting course now!!

This class offers your family
🌻The 5 Hand in Hand parenting tools, which will give you helpful and practical ways to set boundaries, understand your child’s unreasonable behavior, tears and tantrums and navigate family life from your own personal values.
💥 Information on everything from sibling rivalry to potty training to separation anxiety, sleep, and much more.
💫 Tools that have the capacity to positively change your parenting life and reach far beyond.
🌱 A supportive small group of 6 parents.
🌟 £40 worth of reading and video materials, recorded by Patty Wipfler, the founder of this work, including 9 booklet set and a course manual, that will continue to support and consolidate your learning long afterward. You can even share this with your partner.
💜 A Non-judgmental, open and caring environment

What previous starter class parents have said:
🌟‘Topping them up with lots of cuddles, love and connection has defiantly stopped them from flipping out as much and stopped me from getting cross and I’m defiantly calmer. I now have the tools to do it'. Abi
🌟'This course has been amazing, using Play listening and Special time and seeing the responsiveness of our children change just from using those tools.' Claire
🌟'A fantastic course on the hand in hand parenting tools, Carrie teaches from her heart The techniques are very insightful and support parents to develop strong connections with their children. I feel blessed to have been part of the group and to have met some wonderful parents.' Kate

Class Fee Includes video, manuals and booklet set
Early bird offering up to 4th Jan.

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