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Are you on a journey to become a more peaceful, conscious parent? Do you yearn for a like-minded community to support you through your parenting? Do you want to be a more present, playful and connected parent but find it hard, in the moment, when triggered…?

When I first had kids (11years ago, now!), I felt very alone having recently moved to a new country. I felt anxious, inadequate and overwhelmed. I was filled with a desire to do my best for this tiny, innocent, beautiful new soul that somehow life had put in my care. I wanted to help her (I just had one kid at that stage) to reach her full potential and above all to grow up happy, resilient and with buckets of self-love. Not only that, but I deeply longed for our relationship to be healthy, close and connected. But I was scared of f’ing up.

Those first years were super hard… and new challenges kept (and keep) coming as my kids grew older but I got lucky. I found a local Hand in Hand Parenting Support group and that became a lifeline for me. I attended this group for a couple of years, before deciding to become a parenting coach, myself. With it, I felt I found a road map which helped me navigate pretty much ANY challenge that came up. It gave me confidence, empowered me and helped me relax into trusting my own instincts.

These groups also provided me the time and support to work on my own issues. That is a work in progress but I would say I have learnt to be the spaciousness in which I can welcome whatever storm rages through my kids (mostly without taking it personally). I can stay with them and love them through it, until it has passed. I have grown.

And – better still – I’ve learnt the art and skill of parenting playfully. I discovered that added humour, goofiness and role-play can help turn around so many icky-tricky situations! I decided to train to be an instructor a) to go even deeper in my own learning journey; and b) to pay it forward. I am now in my fourth year of teaching this approach – first in my local community and now, internationally, online (amazing, really).

Over the years, I've seen Hand in Hand Parenting’s tools work to massively help with or totally resolve:
– sleep issues,
– aggression,
– separation anxiety,
– sibling rivalry and
– resistance and ‘back talk' … to name a few.

I am excited to be able to share this approach with with YOU. Whether you are new to gentle parenting or have read all the books and now want help converting the theory into practice, this course could be the next logical step and the best way to get you the support you need to be the parent you want to be.

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In this 6-week online class, you'll…

👉 Learn five simple but incredibly powerful tools to turn around any parenting challenge;
👉 Up your playful parenting game;
👉 Find out how to give your kids an embodied sense of safety and connection;
👉 Discover how to set limits calmly, gently AND effectively;
👉 Feel heard, validated and supported;
👉 Build community with like-minded parents;
👉 Set up free ongoing support for yourself (through Listening Partnerships).

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Here’s what some past participants have said about my courses:

📌“This course is ‘life changing'!! “A HUGE recommendation for Hannah's courses. Hannah Gauri Ma is an amazing teacher – warm, kind, and clear with an incredible wealth of knowledge. I'm so excited that more lucky parents get to experience working with her.”

📌”Just so good. It’s the real deal. Understanding why your children behave the way they do coupled with getting the support you need as a parent is critical to breaking the cycle of poor/uninformed parenting. It's not easy but if ever there was a parenting manual… then I would say HiH is definitely the place to start.”

📌“Hannah is very inspiring, loving and supportive instructor. She is creating a very save place where you can express yourself. It really has made a world of difference to me. Beautiful mum with big heart and loving soul. The best example! Many thanks for the course. I highly recommend to every parent.”

And here is a video from a dad who recently attended one of my Starter Classes
https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=941831576286961 🙂

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The cost of the course is £259 (limited concessions spots available. Please enquire).
This includes:
1- 6 weekly mentoring calls, 2 hours each (with a maximum group size of 6, so the teaching can be as personalised as possible);
2- a dedicated WhatsApp group for questions and extra support;
3- access to approximately 8 hours of exclusive videos, PLUS 9 booklets with in-depth info on each tool, and a course manual, all by Patty Wipfler, Hand in Hand Parenting’s inspirational founder (and you have continued access to the online classroom even after our class ends)!

This course will run for 6 Wednesday, from 3rd November, from 8pm (UK time). Book your spot, now!

For more about me, check out: https://www.handinhandparenting.org/inst…/hannah-gauri-ma/ or https://www.facebook.com/LovingEarthParenting/ For any questions, or to book, email me at: HannahGauri.Ma@gmail.com I can't wait to meet you, there. ❤

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