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Do you ever feel like you're surfing a tsunami?
Many of you have been challenged and stretched beyond your limit time and time again this past year and a half.
Many of you feel like things have gotten pretty far “off course.”
The stress you've been under is a perfect recipe for increased anxiety, fear, and tension that can easily lead to off-track behavior in both children and parents.

YOU deserve good support.

Here’s what one parent had to say about a class with Kirsten :
“My husband and I recently took Kirsten’s Parenting by Connection Starter Class. Kirsten’s compassionate, playful and insightful understanding of children (and their parents!) was nothing short of relieving for us. We could suddenly comprehend, appreciate and have tools to deal with our son’s day-to-day excitements and frustrations. She helped us to get out of our own way and be the kind of parents we knew we could be. Now we have the free attention to really enjoy this age and the precious time we have with our little one, while he’s still little!” ~Jennifer in Austin, Texas

Are you looking for a closer, more connected, cooperative relationship with your child?
Do you want to understand why your child's behavior has gotten so out of control and what to do about it?
Would you like to have more fun and laughter in your family?

If so, join Kirsten for a six week Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class

This class can…
– help deepen the connection between you and your child
– help you set limits in a respectful, solution oriented manner, and improve cooperation
– help you understand WHY your child acts the way they do
– help you understand how your own childhood impacts your parenting
– help heal hurts and trauma

You will get…
– Strategies for handling specific issues such as aggression, “talking back,” sibling rivalry, inability to focus, fearfulness, school challenges, and more
– Concrete ideas for adding play to your daily family life
– Time with other parents to share successes, struggles, and support
– An individualized “connection plan” that fits your family's schedule, based on the emotional needs of your child
– The opportunity to build community with other parents

– Access to an online classroom, insightful videos, and reading material, discussion thread where you can post questions and successes
-Weekly zoom call with myself and 4-6 other parents where we will take an in-depth look at each parenting tool
– Answers to questions about your home situation and coaching
– A segment of each call will be devoted to listening to each parent

Once registered you will have permanent access to this online classroom and all the materials presented by the founder of Hand in Hand Parenting, Patty Wipfler.

Cost: $320, includes 6 weekly mentoring calls, online classroom, 6+ hours of videos of founder Patty Wipfler, Starter Class manual, and 7 booklets.

If you'd like to schedule a 15 minute chat to see if this class is for you, please contact Kirsten@handinhandworkshops.com

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