Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class with Kristan Kats and Ahava Vogelstein

Parent Club/Scholarship Price

Join Certified Hand in Hand Instructor Kristan Kats and Instructor Candidate Ahava Vogelstein for an experiential 6-week online Hand in Hand Parent Starter Class.

In this class, we'll explore one new tool each week to develop, maintain and repair a strong connection between you and your children.
We'll learn five tools:

The first tool is just for you – to get support to do the hard work of parenting. The four adult-to-child tools focus on building connection through play, laughter, and setting limits. We'll learn what drives your child’s offtrack behavior and what to do about it from a connection-based and trauma-informed approach.

Join our weekly zoom call with other parents/caregivers as Kristan and Ahava guide you in using the tools to enrich your family while feeling the warmth and support of the group.


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