Hand in Hand Parenting Online Starter Class with Lara Zane

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Has coping with a year of Covid restrictions pushed your connection with your child to breaking point? Are there sticky parenting issues that crop up again again and again? Do you find yourself feeling like you’re the only one dealing with challenges like this?

Are you ready to get the support you and your child deserve to move forward?

For over 30 years, Hand in Hand Parenting has been supporting parents to understand their children's behaviour and build deeply connected relationships that last a lifetime. We know that every family is unique and that with sufficient support each parent can figure out what will work best in their specific situation. The five Listening Tools that we share with parents are easy to learn and yet hugely effective. They have transformed lives around the world, helping parents to learn how to connect well with their children, bring more play and joy into their lives and help their children become emotionally resilient as they grow.

Lara Zane is mum to two school aged kids and a certified Hand in Hand Instructor based in London. Over this six week course she will support you to explore the Hand in Hand approach, use it to make the changes you want to make in your family and become more confident in your parenting. Every week you'll meet over Zoom to take a look at one of the Hand in Hand tools in detail and answer your questions to help you with whatever's going on in your home right now.

By the end of this course you will:
❤Have a much better understanding of what drives your child’s behaviour
❤Know how to help your kids move through the hard times and recover from old hurts
❤Develop new ways to have fun and play together
❤Feel much more confident about setting warm limits in a way that builds co-operation and connection long-term.
❤Be carefully listened to in a safe and emotionally supportive space, allowing you to find the best way forward for you and your family.
❤Meet like-minded parents and discover a community of others who ‘get you’
❤Learn the skills to set up Listening Partnerships with other parents that will enrich your life for many years to come.

Here's what parents have said about what it's been like to work with Lara:

“I've really enjoyed the Hand in Hand Parenting classes with Lara. She is warm and kind, creating a lovely safe space in the group to listen and share. I am learning a lot about myself and my children and the parenting techniques Lara teaches us have been eye opening and empowering. The weekly classes have been an oasis of calm during lockdown and the zoom format works really well. It is so reassuring to know that you aren't alone in your parenting challenges and that there's support out there.”

“The course in general and working with you in particular has been amazing. It is completely changing the way I parent and look at the role of being a parent. You create a kind, empathetic and respectful environment within which we can all explore the demands and frustrations, and equip us with the tools to deal with these in a gentler and more playful manner. I have found it to be a moving and powerful thing to be a part of, and can’t thank you enough for the gift you offer.”

“Attending Lara's Hand in Hand parenting course has been a total life-changer for me. It has given me back a sense of confidence in my parenting, helping me to regain feelings of joy in my interactions with my twin boys. Lara's sensitive, non-judgmental approach has allowed me to gently unfold my fears and worries around being a Mum. She offers a safe, supportive environment in which to share and learn. I am bowled over by the simple yet very effective tools taught on this course and I love that it is underpinned by brain science.”

The course fee includes the weekly zoom calls, a dedicated WhatsApp group for questions and support as we go along and a year of access to an online classroom with excellent videos and reading material to support your learning by Patty Wipfler, Hand in Hand Parenting’s inspirational founder.

Find out more about Lara here:
If you have questions, or are ready to book, please get in touch at laraz@handinhandparenting.org or drop me a message through Facebook.

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