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Join me for this seven-week parenting reboot, and learn how to transform your family.   You’ll gain the foundational knowledge to understand your child’s emotions (and your own), and the tools to address your most pressing parenting challenges. 

This class is:

  • based in the latest neuroscience, 
  • rooted in principles of respect for you and your child
  • steeped in a deep understanding that a strong, loving relationship with your child is the place from which their intelligence grows

You’ll learn how to:

  • tackle typical parenting challenges like tantrums, power struggles, separation anxiety, and sibling rivalry 
  • set warm and loving limits 
  • address issues that are unique to your family 
  • bring more playfulness, fun, and joy into your parenting (even if that seems impossible right now) 
  • reduce parent stress, and how this can make you a calmer, happier parent
  • build support for yourself so that you don’t feel so isolated in the work of parenting

You’ll also get to explore: 

  • the influence that our own childhood experiences have on our parenting  
  • the ways that oppression affects our experience of parenting
  • how to use your parenting to create ripples of change in your family, community, and beyond   

I’m keeping the class small so that there will be time for addressing your personal family challenges.  During each class meeting, you will be listened to with patience, warmth, and respect. 

What people are saying about Lauren’s classes:

“This class was like a road map through a tornado.  Really, things have been so rough lately, and now they are finally starting to get better.”
MS, parent 

“Lauren, thank you so much for this class – it changed everything for me.  I’m now able to be much more intentional with my child, instead of just panicking and reacting. This class was a very special learning experience.”
GA, parent

“I’m finding that I’m not getting triggered as much, and my ability to set limits calmly and warmly is much better. I believe that it’s also helping my daughters’ relationship with each other. I have been able to be much kinder when setting limits when Big Sister is doing something to Little Sister and those moments are getting fewer and moments of sweetness between them are becoming much more the norm.  I have told anyone who will listen about this class!”
RF, parent

Learn more about Lauren here.


Are you ready to turn things around?  Register now to learn all this in a supportive community of other parents and caregivers!

Online classroom includes LIFETIME ACCESS to: 

  • Hours of video content (organized into bite-sized pieces) from Hand in Hand’s founder, Patty Wipfler 
  • 9 comprehensive instructional booklets (downloadable for offline reading too)
  • Downloadable workbook to accompany you through the class and after

You’ll need:

  • Access computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • A high speed internet connection 
  • Ability to access Zoom for weekly video calls

Class begins on Tuesday, October 19th at 8pm PST, and runs for 7 weeks, ending on December 7th.  We skip the week of Thanksgiving.  

Here are the details:

Dates: 7 Tuesdays, beginning October 26th (10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/30, 12/7, 12/14)

Time: 8pm-9:30pm PST (11pm EST, 4am UK next day, 1pm Sydney next day)

Cost: $387 per person

Parent Club members can enter your coupon code at checkout for an automatic 25% off. Please note only one coupon code is applicable at a time.

Registration Deadline: October 25th

Due to the pandemic and the financial challenges that many families are facing, I have sliding scale options available.  To take advantage of this option, please contact me (lauren@handinhandparenting.org) – every parent deserves support.

Email to register: lauren@handinhandparenting.org

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