Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class with Lauren and Priya

Parent Club/Scholarship Price

Join certified instructors Lauren Fine and Priya Raghav, LICSW, for this 6-week Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class.  You’ll gain the foundational knowledge to understand your child’s emotions and your own, and the tools to address your parenting challenges. It is based in the latest neuroscience, rooted in principles of respect for you and your child, and steeped in a deep understanding that a strong, loving relationship with your child is the place from which their intelligence grows. The tools you will learn can be used to tackle typical parenting challenges like tantrums, power struggles, separation anxiety, sibling rivalry, and also to address issues that are unique to your family. You’ll figure out how to set warm and loving limits, how to bring more playfulness and joy into your parenting, and we’ll get a chance to explore the influence that our childhood experiences have on our parenting.   There will be time for addressing your personal family challenges, and you will be listened to with warmth and respect.  Register now to learn this all in a supportive community of other parents and caregivers.

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