Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class with Roma Norris

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Starting online – Thursday 22 April 2021

“This course has been unbelievable, life changing. I wish everyone would have the chance to do this”

ST, mum of two in Somerset

“The difference between me at the beginning of this course and me now is NIGHT and DAY!”

AB, mum of three in Devon


Join me to connect with other parents like you, work on the specific challenges you face in your family, gain guidance and support.


>> You’ll be part of a weekly class where you’ll get to connect with like minded parents, learn a cutting-edge, progressive approach to parenting and receive emotional support for the worries and regrets you carry as a parent.


>> Access all online starter class video content to work through in your own time. This is the course from our amazing Founder Patty Wipfler, who gives a unique transmission of the approach.  You’ll get to keep this for 6 months. It’s a great way to consolidate your learning and share with your partner/co-parent/family.


 During this 6 week course you will discover how to…

  • Set up support for yourself that allows you to make changes in the automatic parenting responses you wish you didn’t have

  • Say the magic words that allow your child to feel connected and valued

  • Understand your child’s emotions and what they are really asking for; crying, tantrums and how you can respond to them

  • Set clear, effective limits with warmth

  • Change rigid, unworkable, maddening behaviours

  • Help an angry child become playful and compassionate

  • Work on any issues around sleep/food/separation/school/siblings/aggression and more


Here’s what other parents said about this course:

“It has been life changing for me. I hated being a parent and I’m so much happier now. All my views are different and my perceptions have all changed.”


“I’ve noticed that my son is no longer aggressive and I am closer to my children.”


“This course has has such a profound influence on me. I found it through the desperation of ‘This is NOT what my life is gonna be like’ and ‘Parenting CAN’T be this hard!’ All the things that were wrong I now feel the opposite about. It’s changed my view of the world. It’s built bridges with people in my life because I’m stronger. It’s enabled me to crack my little safe shell and start growing into the person I want to be. It’s brought me to real, unconditional love and my daughter is blossoming in that environment – she’s singing and dancing and she tells me she loves me.”


“Things are really different. I don’t feel so panicked and actually I can get through this. Things have really shifted for my eldest daughter and I think she feels more loved.”


“My little girl wouldn’t leave the house without us dragging her out kicking and screaming, it was controlling our lives and now she goes and plays outside outside.”


Course content:

Week 1 – What is Really Going On?

Understanding children’s emotions, what they are really asking for and why parenting seems so much harder than you imagined! Receiving long-overdue essential support through a tool called “Listening Partnerships”.


Week 2 – How to Cope with Upsets

The science behind connection and how to listen to children so they can feel it, using a tool called “Staylistening”. What to say when children are upset or fearful: the magic words that allow your child to feel connected and valued


Week 3 – Why We “Lose it”

How our own experiences impact our parenting and why we do and say things we swore we never would. Increase your child’s sweetness and co-operation and feel like a really good parent using a tool called “Special Time”. Start to enjoy quality connection time the way you dreamed it might be.


Week 4 – Changing Unworkable, Maddening Behaviours

Why behaviour goes “off track” and what to do. Cultivating ease with a radical approach to setting limits that is warm, respectful AND effective every time. Stop difficult behaviour (eg. hitting, throwing, snatching) and assert expectations (eg. getting dressed, doing homework, brushing teeth). 


Week 5 – Thriving with Laughter and Play 

Increasing joy, accessing our playfulness and diverting conflict using play. Helping our children work on separation, sleep issues, picky eating, aggression or co-operation using games and a tool called “Playlistening”. Building confidence through laughter.


Week 6 – Building our Resilience as Parents

How to integrate this approach into your life for maximum effect, including support and time for YOU. How to regulate yourself and change the automatic parenting responses you wish you didn’t have. Setting yourself up to be the best parent you can be and creating a better life for your family.




Early Bird before 31 March £320 (couples Early Bird £600)

April 1st-19th £360 (couples £670)

Cost includes live calls, digital manual and booklets and the whole course in video segments online for 6 months.

Booking closes Monday 19th April

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