Hand in Hand Parenting with Tweens and Older Children, with Anna Cole and Liesl Orr

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In the midst of a confusing and challenging time globally, being the parent of a pre-teen child or older can be equally confusing and challenging.  Our children no longer need us as in exactly the same ways they did when they were younger, school pressures increase – online or in person – and opportunities for play are reduced with the pervasiveness of screens and peer-pressures.

Layers of defensiveness can set in on our older children and put us off making overtures for connection, yet they still need us as much as when they were younger. Parents of older children are often tired.  We've been on the job for a decade or more, and have probably had to ‘stuff' feelings and difficulties down along the way in order to get on with momentum of school, work, relationships and perhaps caring for older parents. In addition we can see that the challenges our pre-teen face in this transition to teen and young adulthood, will, to some extent shape their futures in an uncertain world.  So no pressure ‘eh parents!

This Hand in Hand Parenting class will offer ideas, perspectives and practical tools that will help you build new and lasting connection channels with your pre-teen to improve your relationship and make things go better at home. Each week a new Listening tool will be introduced and tuned to work for this age group, you will share your experiences and hear of each other’s hopes and challenges. You will receive weekly one-on-one support in class from certified Instructors, Anna Cole (Lewes, England) and Liesl Orr (Johannesburg, South Africa). Join this class from anywhere in the world and let us guide you through this online class. You’ll learn practical tools while you get feedback, personal coaching and listening support.

Here’s some feedback from parents who took a recent on-line class:

“Anna is an amazing instructor and I highly recommend her. She was organised, outlined what we needed to do each week and was present and loving on each call. Anna has a bag of tools that really helped guide me towards understanding myself and my children in a deep way. Many thanks!”

“Anna was so warm and authentic that her kind and compassionate words to me brought me to tears. I felt her unconditional love and acceptance for my childhood experiences and my parenting journey. Her words felt like a “balm” on my bruised heart. She is a natural healer.”

“In Liesl’s class I consistently felt heard, supported and part of something bigger than myself. It was wonderful to be part of the group. If I reflect back now, I think perhaps key to the group sense that we developed was mutual respect and never feeling judged. That is quite a unique feeling as a parent!”

“The philosophy of parenting Liesl presented through the content of the course has challenged my unquestioned familiar assumptions and practices and provided new perspectives on, and new ways of parenting. The facilitation of the course was excellent. Liesl modelled the principles that were being presented. She was attentive, non-judgemental, allowed for discussion of real-life examples and gave space to exploring these through both a cognitive and emotional mode. The parenting community aspects of this course were also really valuable. To be able to meet with other parents, to hear their stories, find commonalities, share joys and challenges and get support has been incredibly worthwhile and broken the isolation of being a single parent.”

you’ll change your parenting–and your life as you learn:
• The six tools needed to support and sustain you and your connection with your older child or pre-teen
• The common causes of emotional upset and its benefits
• Why your older child withdraws, or gets defensive and angry, and what to do about it
• How your pre-teens emotions work
• How to heal your pre-teens fears and resulting difficult behaviours
• How to help an angry child become playful and compassionate again

to take full advantage of this course you will need:
• Access to a computer
• High-speed Internet access
• A phone line or the ability to join our conference call via webcall using your desktop computer, a headset is recommended for this option. (Long distance call charges may apply when calling in, please check here for available local numbers.)

To convert to your timezone try this world clock converter. Please keep in mind time changes around the world may affect your call time. Please note: Class includes call group participation for one parent. Please contact us for discount code and couple’s guidelines if your parenting partner would like to join a call group too.

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