Hand in Hand Tools for your Nanny/Caregiver with Sushila Hart

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if your nanny was on the same page with you regarding your style of parenting? Once your nanny learns the Hand in Hand tools, you can feel confident and reassured that they are interacting with your children in the most optimum way. I have been a Hand in Hand Instructor since 2010 and a nanny for over 15 years for many different families.  My work as a nanny has been more enjoyable since I have started using the Hand in Hand tools for tantrums, defiance, aggression and more. I consistently witness happier kids and sweet connections with the children.

Throughout this series, your nanny will learn:
*What's really going on underneath tantrums and tricky, difficult behaviors and know exactly how to help.
*New ways to bring more connection and cooperation with your child/ren
Your nanny will receive:
* 8 hours of self-guided videos with Hand in Hand founder, Patty Wipfler;
*A digital, downloadable Class Manual;
*Clarification and questions answered;
*Lifetime access to the online classroom;
*Individual listening time with Sushila Hart via Zoom.
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