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Helping Children with Separation Anxiety, A Free Webinar with Madeleine Winter

Tuesday, March 12th, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM US Pacific, 10-11:30 AM Wednesday Sydney (AEDT)

Madeleine Winter

Free Webinar – Helping Children with Separation Anxiety

Ever found yourself putting off the inevitable separations from your child because you know they will be upset? Are you finding that transitions are hard?  Is your child really unhappy about leaving you for short periods? Is your child aggressive, or withdrawn, when you are away from them?  Don't know how to handle the heart-wrenching tears?

These challenges may be signs that your child may be carrying separation anxiety.  The good news is that you don’t have to wait until you have to leave in order to deal with it.  Join this webinar to learn how to help your child so that leaving for short periods is (relatively!) stress free.

Feelings about short separations are normal

Separating from loved ones is a normal and important process that begins at birth, and has many phases and stages.  There’s nothing wrong with your child if they have big feelings about being away from you – even well into later childhood.  And you might have some feelings too (-;

But it can be hard

But some children get stuck, unable to part from loved ones easily or with confidence.  Their feelings become overwhelming & result in behaviours which are unworkable – for both you and your child. These feelings can get in the way of a child’s ability to enjoy life, learn, make friends, and co-operate.

Separations can be a positive experience

You can anticipate, acknowledge and effectively deal with your child’s separation anxiety in ways that increase their general confidence and willingness to separate from loved ones.  And you can get support, knowing you have a plan and some tools to help.

Join Madeleine Winter to hear about practical ways to help make parting from one another a positive experience.

Madeleine is the parent of a young adult who has been using and teaching Hand in Hand for over 30 years. This is what parents have said about her:

“I’ve done a lot of parenting courses, and read a lot of books. In one session, Madeleine communicated a picture of why my children behave as they do which made more sense of what is going on than anything else I’ve come across. She offered practical strategies and approaches that I will go home and try. I’m looking forward to learning more.”

Mother of 5 y.o twins & 9 year old, Wiseman’s Ferry, NSW, Australia

“I liked being reminded that we are all good parents. The talk was structured around our questions and I wish we had longer – I could always take more listening to you, Madeleine. I really enjoyed today’s session.”

Foster/adoptive parent of 18 month old, Sydney, Australia

What: Webinar – Helping Children with Separation Anxiety
Presented by:  Hand in Hand with Madeleine, and Randwick City Council
Who: Parents of children 6mo-12y.
When: Tues 12th March 2024,  4-5:30pm Pacific (USA), which is Weds 13th March 2024 10-11:30am in Sydney (AEDT).
Where: Zoom conferencing – dial in details provided on registration
Cost: Free.
More Info and to Register: https://madeleinewinter.com/events/parenting-workshops/

Not sure if it is for you? Madeleine loves to help: why not book a Free 20 Minute Consultation, and she can help direct you to the best resources and support.



Tuesday, March 12th
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM US Pacific, 10-11:30 AM Wednesday Sydney (AEDT)
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