Hitting, Pushing and Biting: How to stop the behaviour and keep our connection strong. Presented by Alison Kemi

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When we see our children get hurt or hurt others it’s one of the most challenging things we face as parents. It can feel really urgent that we stop it from happening and yet at times it can start to become a pattern we see again and again. Understandably we can feel triggered and it becomes difficult to handle with calm and confidence. Join Alison Kemi to learn practical tools you can start using immediately. This workshop is for children aged between 0-10.

During this workshop we will explore:

• why we see aggressive behaviour in children
• how we stop the behaviour
• how we help our children release tension and build safety in other ways
• how to keep our calm in challenging moments.
• what we can do if aggressive behaviour happens when we’re not there

This workshop has a limited number of participants with lots of interaction and opportunities to explore your unique situation with your children, ask questions and receive coaching so you can leave with an action plan.

Price £15 or contact me if you are interested in signing up for a Special Offer price of 3 workshops for £30. See list below for other workshop titles. Please don't let cost be a barrier – discounts available for those on low wages. Get in touch with any questions alison@handinhandparenting.org

Alison Kemi is a mum, teacher and certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor based in Glasgow, Scotland. She loves connecting with parents to share the highs and the lows, finding ways to build our support networks and bring more connection and joy to family life.

Alison's Workshops in 2021
27th Oct    Hitting, pushing and biting
10th Nov  Building resilience in children for frustrations and anxiety
24th Nov  Easier bedtimes
8th Dec     When goodbyes are tricky
22nd Dec  Easier mealtimes

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