Home for the Holidays…with a Toddler, A Free Webinar Presented by Emily Murray

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Holidays can be full of magic and fun and connection but can also be a source of added friction in family life.  Especially this year when we'll all be navigating some uncharted holiday waters.
Many holiday traditions just aren't' aligned with the needs of toddlers.  We have stocked a holiday toolbox for you to prevent holiday season struggles.

  • How to consider your toddlers perspective and make small adjustments with big impacts.
  • How to set yourself up for success with simple tools.
  • How to be a toddler translator to create the conditions for meaningful family time.
  • Play ideas to boost cooperation and flexibility.
  • Reduce parental overwhelm so you can be at your best.

Join this free webinar to get thinking about how to maneuver through this holiday season.

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