Monthly SkillBuilding Support Group with Katy Linsley

Parent Club/Scholarship Price

Every 3rd Tuesday

The Hand in Hand tools are great and WORK. The knowledge of connection is empowering and makes so much sense.

BUT, parenting is complex, and our children are genius at bring us new, different and tricky stuff. It all needs thinking about, sometimes planning, and often requires ourselves to be really listened to in order to get to our good thinking so we can figure it out.

Having a regular space to bring everything parenting is invaluable.

Join Katy for an on-going SkillBuilding Group.
• Get reminders and clarifications as you continue to experiment with the tools.
• Ask questions and get feedback as you figure out what's right for your family.
• Enjoy a community that is holding your goodness.
• Hear how things are for others, celebrate their wins, and hold their goodness as they lead their families.
• Feel a community holding you!

As an instructor I grab every bit of community support I can, it's the only way I'm prepared to live my life now!

The sessions are £15 for the 90mins and groups will be kept small.

I'd love for you to feel that support. We should all have it!


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