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Ongoing Biweekly Support Group Friday Evenings – Santa Rosa

August 21, 2020 Biweekly Fridays 5 PM to 6:45 PM

Are you seeking support for the challenges that come with parenting children? Looking for a place to share and learn with other parents? This ongoing parenting support group is open to parents who already have some familiarity with the Hand in Hand / Parenting by Connection listening tools. Under the leadership of Muftiah Martin, LMFT, Certified Hand in Hand Instructor, the group will have time for discussion, consultation, and Listening Time.  Join us!

When and Where:

Biweekly Fridays5 PM to 6:45 PM in Santa Rosa (Southwest/Roseland area). (During Shelter-in-Place restrictions due to COVID-19 we are meeting online.)

Fee: $90 per month for biweekly group.


Please do your best to attend each session of this biweekly group.

We request that you give one month's notice if/when ready to stop so that we have the opportunity for closure with you before we invite someone else to the group.

To Register:

There is currently one opening in this group (this group is limited to five). Please make contact with Muftiah by emailing or calling (707) 583-2332.

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