Parenting Support Calls -Ongoing- on Zoom with Madeleine Winter

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Get parenting support without leaving home!  Join this ongoing group for as many, or as few, calls as you want.

Parenting can be challenging at the best of times.  Sometimes you just need information: “What do I do when my child tries to hit me?” “What is the best way to wean my baby?” “What do I do when my child can't sleep through the night?” and “Why is my pre-teen so angry?”.

Sometimes, you just want some company, to know that there are other parents out there on the same challenging journey you are on.

Please join Madeleine Winter for this parenting support group by phone/video conference call. This is a chance for you to share your parenting experiences, reflect on your own stories and understand your triggers, and plan for the challenges of family life. The group will focus on providing much-needed listening time, but there will also be time for questions and answers about using Hand in Hand Parenting in your family. You can also book a Parenting Consultation.

Madeleine has over 30 years experience working with families and teaching the Hand in Hand approach.  The parent of a teen, she brings deep experience to supporting parents.


This is what one parent said about these groups:

“Meeting with this group of parents weekly helped me keep on track with parenting the way I really want to. Something special happens when we get on the call – I think it is that we can see we are not alone!” Mother of 3 and 7 year olds, Sydney

Who: Parents of children 0-12. This group is open to all parents, but it will help if you have some familiarity with Hand in Hand Parenting.

When: Join for as many calls as you can manage. Call length will depend on the number of participants. but plan on 90 minutes.

US/Canada: Mondays, Pacific Time 6pm (There is also a Support Call that meets on Thursdays at 6pm Pacific)

Australia/New Zealand: Tuesdays, 12noon AEDT (There is also a Support Call that meets on Fridays at 12noon)

(The Thursday eve Call has several fathers who regularly attend – so if you are a father, and would like fatherly company, you might like to join this Call.  However, both fathers and mothers are welcome on any Call)

Where: We use Zoom conferencing – you can easily join by phone by dialing in, or use an app or your web browser to join with or without vision.

Find out more about Madeleine and the Support Calls she runs here.


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