Support to Stop the Hitting, a Workshop with Kathy Gordon

Parent Club/Scholarship Price

Aggression can be the toughest part of parenting, and the most isolating. We feel alone and afraid for our child. Join Instructor Kathy Gordon in small support group, as we use the Hand in Hand Tools to heal the fear that drives the aggression. Our video course “Helping Children With Aggression” will guide us in this focused use of Hand in Hand.

Kathy is the single adoptive Mom of a 17-yr-old son and has been practicing Hand in Hand with her 6'3″ son since he was about 5 years old and 2 feet smaller. She has been teaching the Hand in Hand approach since 2013 and is current co-moderator of the Parent Club.

In addition to the class fee, you will be asked to purchase the “No More Hitting Class” $55 / $41.25 (Parent Club Discount)

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