The 7 Day Listening Challenge with Alison Kemi

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Join Alison Kemi for a free 60 minute introduction to the 7 Day Listening Challenge.

Listening Partnerships have transformed parenting for thousands of parents using the Hand in Hand approach. And yet many of us find it hard to get started with this free tool, where we exchange an equal amount of time listening with warmth, respect and no judgement or advice with another willing parent.

Alison Kemi was a new struggling mum when she first read about the Hand in Hand tools. She joined a 7 Day Listening Challenge on a whim, often calling another participant as her young child napped while out walking the rainy streets of Glasgow, Scotland. This experience transformed her parenting and her life and gave her clarity and confidence to parent in the way she wanted to and didn’t yet believe she could manage.

During this hour long session you will learn
* What is a Listening Partnership?
* How we can use the time effectively and ensure we feel confidence and trust in our listener
* Watch a short demonstration on how it works
* A brief Q&A
* How to take part in the challenge

At the end of this session a recording will be available for you to watch at a convenient time. You will be sent a free PDF document with 7 days of listening prompts and questions to use with your listening partner. You will receive details of a free group you can join to access the listening calls and ways to match up with other participants throughout the 7 Day Listening Challenge.


* Do I need experience of Listening Partnerships or to have taken a class to join this challenge?
No experience is required as you will be sent all the information you need to take part in the recording of this session and can join one of the guided listening calls during the 7 days if you wish. The free group will enable you to use either Facebook, Whatsapp or Signal to connect with other participants and try out Listening Partnerships at a mutually convenient time.

* When is the 7 Day Listening Challenge?
21st-27th January 2022

* I already have a Listening Partner and the dates of the 7 Day Listening Challenge aren’t convenient for me. Can I still take part?
Yes, if you sign up for this session you will be sent the PDF with the listening prompts and questions. You can use these with your current listening partner at a mutually convenient time either by setting aside 7 days when you are both free or, if you usually meet weekly, you can use the prompts in your regular listening time.

* How much time would I need available to take part in the 7 Day Listening Challenge?
The time commitment is up to you. You will still benefit even if you can only spare 10 minutes each day. And if you miss a few days that’s ok too. The questions are yours to keep and you can use them any time you talk to a Listening Partner or for journalling. There will be a few hour long listening calls free to join but they aren’t necessary to make use of the challenge. You can set up a listening partnership with any of the other participants at a time convenient to you to exchange time from 5 minutes each up to 30 minutes each way. You can plan the time in advance if you know when you will be available or reach out in the group when you have some spare time during those 7 days.

* Will I be able to participate if I’m in a different time zone?
This free hour long session will be recorded and you can watch it at a time that works for you. During the 7 Day Listening Challenge there will be a few listening calls at different times but you do not need to attend to participate. Other participants might be in your time zone or have time available early morning, late at night or another time that works for you. You might need to check your time zone and match that up with someone in another part of the world during the challenge using a website like to avoid confusion.

* How can I connect with other participants on the challenge?
The listening calls will take place on Zoom. There will also be a free group you can join which is private for the participants of this challenge. You can choose if you wish to use Facebook, Whatsapp or Signal to connect with others. If you then exchange details and wish to meet on Zoom, a telephone call or any other calling option you are free to do so.

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