The Parenting Starter Class for Dads with Roma Norriss

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Banish meltdowns and drama

LEARN A CUTTING-EDGE, PROGRESSIVE APPROACH TO PARENTING and get them to stop doing THAT THING so you can actually enjoy family life!

Surely Fatherhood Shouldn't Be This Hard?

Bedtime just took 4 hours again and you’re still not convinced they’re asleep. Perhaps your child won’t eat anything but white starch. Or you have a preteen who’s getting lost in video games and snapchat.

And why is it that your cherub behaves beautifully at school and transforms into a monster at home? You are the one facing tooth-brushing meltdowns, babysitter biting, visitations from the night banshee, sibling spitathons…

Secretly, you wish you could just stay at work rather than face another weekend with your kids.

Months in and out of lockdown has done nothing to lighten the load – if anything, issues that were lurking in the background have come out into the spotlight.

Whatever specific challenges you’re facing in your parenting, you are tired of it feeling so hard, worried how your kids are going to turn out if this carries on and you’re ready for someone – ANYONE – to lighten your load

Signs You Need This
– You’re exhausted/burned out
– You find yourself shouting more than you want
– You find it hard to set boundaries then are suddenly too strict
– Giving in and placating instead of dealing with the problem issue
– Avoiding playing/spending time with kids or not enjoying the time you do spend
– Numbing out/distracting with work, alcohol, internet
– Feeling helpless in the face of your child’s behaviour or struggle

How do you Wish Being a Dad Could Be?

It’s the simple things that make the biggest difference – like the fact that you get enough sleep. Or that you and your co-parent aren’t endlessly arguing about how to parent.

You even have energy left at the end of the day for the things you love. Or to just enjoy being a family. Who knew?!

Imagine knowing that you can leave the house without someone crying. Or your kids brush their hair or do their homework without you even asking.

Better still, you have actual strategies in your back pocket for your kid’s trickiest behaviour. And they work!

Enter: The Parenting Starter Class for Dads

This 10-week online class is a revolutionary, cutting-edge, progressive parenting paradigm designed to help you tap into the power of connection in profound ways.

Meeting with Tom and up to 6 other dads in a men-only* space each week, you’ll see your parenting struggles through new eyes and restore your kids to be the sweet, smart, loving beings they really are.

Re-establish laughter and build an atmosphere of respect and co-operation in your family through a trauma-informed, therapeutic parenting approach that sits in line with current neuroscience.

*All who identify as male welcome.

Haul your exhausted papa ass to this course and you'll
-Confidently know when and how to set clear, warm boundaries so you can genuinely enjoy your kids again.
– Get the input you deserve so that you are no longer alone with the intense and relentless responsibilities of being a parent.
– Learn the magic words to say when your child is overwrought so that they are able to calm down and co-operate.
– Understand how parenting impacts you so you can begin to shift those automatic parenting behaviours you really wish you didn’t have.
– Discover that effective parenting can even be playful and fun so you can tackle the picky-eating / never-sleeping / rabid-biting / aggression / clinginess with confidence.
– Set yourself up to be the best dad you can be so you can create a better life for your entire family.

What You Get
-Online Self-study Videos
– 6 Modules: presented and explored over the 10-week programme, including an Orientation week, 2 Integration weeks and a Closing & Celebration week
– 10 weekly Huddles: Group Q&A Zoom Calls – mixed mothers and fathers – hosted by Roma, Tom & team) Wednesdays @ 11am (UK) – 60 mins
– 10 weekly Dad Pod calls: your small group of 6 men, hosted by Tom Anderson, for individual support Wednesdays @ 12.15pm or Thursdays @ 8.00pm (UK) – 60 mins
– Online community: other fathers like you – the Dad Cave – and / or the wider Parent Sanctuary


Hand in Hand provides programs for all people who are caring for children in any capacity. We occasionally offer specialized programs for people in particular caregiving roles and/or identity groups to provide support specific to their experiences. This month's event is for men/male-identified people who are caring for children in any caretaking role.

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