The Peaceful Parent Masterclass: Why your kids won’t listen and what you can do about it, Presented by Pamela Quier

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This free online Masterclass is being led by Pamela Quiery, parent coach and mentor for parents of children under 8 years old who want to be gentle but find themselves overwhelmed and frustrated by their child’s constant arguments and intense emotions.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Why traditional ways to manage children’s behaviour with consequences and rewards leads to more problems than it solves
  • How to make friends with children’s feelings and work with their nervous systems in a way that will lead to more cooperation.
  • How to use the power of play to bring joy, laughter and cooperation to even the trickiest of stand-offs
  • How to untangle our own triggers so we can keep our cool and respond to our children calmly without shouting and the inevitable guilt that follows.
  • Creating a peaceful home starts with understanding children’s emotions and having the right tools to build cooperation and connection into the parent-child relationship. I can show you how

This workshop is for you if you are a parent of a strong-willed child under 8 years old who:

  • Wants to parent in a respectful and gentle way that builds trust and cooperation
  • Wants to know how to get their child listening and cooperating without the endless explanations and negotiations which often end in yelling.Wants to bring more laughter and joy into their families instead of the arguments and stand-offs.

Hi, I’m Pamela

I am a mum of two, a certified parenting coach and a self-confessed neuroscience geek. I have helped hundreds of parents like you over the past four years. Not to mention the intense on-the-job training of being a mum for over a decade – my kids are definitely my best teachers.

Through the early years of my parenting journey I felt out of my depth and at a loss as to how to support my children with their big emotions.

Everything was a battle of wills, from mealtimes to getting dressed to turning the screens off. When my second child came along, I felt burnt out and exhausted.

I struggled to respond calmly to my older child’s challenging behaviour. Frustration and yelling became a regular pattern in our family. I was in a turmoil of resentment, anger and guilt – this was not the parent I ever imagined I would be.

Once I learned how to understand my children’s emotions and use simple tools to build connection and cooperation into our daily lives, everything changed. I now feel like a capable leader in my family.

Our home is full of laughter instead of yelling. I know how to navigate the challenges life throws at us in a way that brings us closer and helps my children learn and grow emotionally.

What parents say about this workshop:

“I learned more practical strategies in this one hour than I got from a 90 day paid course I signed up to last year.”

“It was absolutely brilliant. All so clear and pragmatic and really achievable and attainable.”

“It was so full of direct, easy to implement ideas, which is what everyone really wants and needs.”

“Even just listening to your playful examples makes me feel so much better. So I guess if I smile and feel lighter just by listening to you, our kids must feel it even more when we do it with them”

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