The Screen Time Solution, Presented by Pamela Quiery

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Love them or hate them, we live in a digital world and screens are here to stay.

Your kids stomp their feet, scream at you and point blank refuse to listen when screen time is over. You’ve had enough and wish screens were never invented – but how else can you get dinner made or have some time to yourself without the aid of a digital device?

Would you like to find a healthy balance with screens in your family so you aren’t constantly arguing and negotiating over screen time?

If you are feeling exhausted and frustrated with the battles over screens then this workshop is for you.

What you will learn in this 90 minute Masterclass:

Get clear on exactly what role you want screens to play in your family so screens are enhancing your family life instead of making your days more difficult. From this place you can create screen time goals in collaboration with your kids so you can feel empowered, ditch the guilt and create healthy limits that work for you and your family.

Discover why limits on screens can be your friend and not something to avoid, dread or argue over. Limits, when set with warmth and connection, can actually bring more love, fun and laughter into your relationship. Only by understanding the feelings behind your child’s behaviour can you learn to set limits effectively, welcome the upsets and manage them in a healthy way without damaging your relationship with your child.

Find out why exploring your own beliefs about screens – your fears, worries and concerns – is the best way to create a healthy relationship with screens. I invite you to take a peek at your own screen use and how you can model healthy screen boundaries for your family.

How to help your child work through their boredom and discomfort when all they want is YouTube so they can connect with their creativity and play. If using screen time to keep your child occupied has led to a downward spiral of them being unable to play independently, you can reclaim your child’s attention and ability to play.

Is This Class For Me?
If you’re anything like the countless parents I’ve talked to, your experience of your kids’ screen time is NOT working for you or your family. Do any of these sound familiar?

Your child asks for screens continuously and isn’t interested in playing independently
You struggle with setting boundaries around screens and feel frustrated and stressed when it comes to saying “No” to screens.
You have tried all the things: firm boundaries, no boundaries, timers, giving multiple warnings and nothing works. Screen time still causes conflicts and arguments.
Screen time transitions almost always end in meltdowns, arguments, screaming matches and hard feelings on both sides.
You have slipped into patterns you aren’t comfortable with. You use screen time to manage behaviour which has led to habits you feel you can’t change. Now your child won’t eat breakfast, get dressed or get in the car without watching a screen.

And if you’ve ever said to yourself, “I can’t keep living this way,” you’re 100% RIGHT. You can’t and you don’t have to. There is a better way, and I’m going to show you what it is.

My own family’s journey with screens

Hi, I’m Pamela, mum of two, parent coach and lover of screens! I am passionate about helping parents put gentle, respectful parenting into action using simple tools that work.

I have two children of my own and we have had our fair share of screen time battles. I immersed myself in researching screen use in children and figuring out my own values around screens.

Now my children have a much healthier relationship with screens. I’m clear about screen limits, when to stick to them and when to be flexible. I’ve developed effective ways to manage the meltdowns so we all stay connected to each other without damaging our relationship.

Are you ready to get screens working for your family instead of causing conflict and heartache?


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What You Get

✓ Live 90 minute workshop and Q&A
✓ Lifetime access to the replay
✓ Workbook to help you get clear on your values and goals to get screen time working in your family


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