Tools for Parents of Teens and Tweens, Presented by Indira Raja and Laura Minnigerode

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Raising a pre-teen can feel like a whole different journey than the one you started out on as a parent. Staying connected is easier when you have support and tools to think through your approaches to behaviors like defiance, withdrawing behind a bedroom door or a screen, or less-than-nice comments. This group will give you those tools, plus space and support to navigate the feelings that parenting teens can bring up. You'll be better resourced as a parent, and better able to stay close and connected.

Join Laura Minnigerode and Indira Raja for 8 weeks as you work through the online course targeting preteens/ teens. They are both parents of teenagers and know how challenging it can be.

The group will meet once a week starting October 10, each session will last 60-90 minutes. You will gain plenty of insights into your teen’s behavior, how to listen to their upsets and set firm limits on behavior. You can also expect to bring back warmth, laughter and playfulness back into your relationship. You do not have to struggle through it alone – you will receive plenty of support throughout this eight week program!

Parents will purchase the self-guided class separately here.  The class meets for 8 weeks, on Sundays, 90 minute sessions. Note that we will not meet on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and resume on 12/5 for the last meeting of the series.
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