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Understand Your Child’s Emotional Moments, Presented by Lara Zane

Wednesday, July 5th, 8:30 PM BST, 12:30 PM PDT, 3:30 PM EDT


Are any of these familiar?

That moment when your toddler sinks to the floor, clutching the ‘must have item’ that they really can't have, and you feel a sense of dread at the big upset that you know is coming your way…

The look on your five-year-old’s face when plans didn’t go the way they hoped, and it’s like the world just ended…

The crash that echoes around your home as your tween makes it very clear that they want you to GO AWAY, slamming their door and shutting you out… and the sinking feeling that this isn’t how you want your relationship to be going.

All of these are emotional moments.

Moments when your child’s emotions are running the show. Their thinking brain is, frustratingly, offline and you can’t seem to reason or negotiate with them. And so the two of you fall into patterns of relating that feel sticky, confusing, or downright heartbreaking. It can be difficult to know how to find a way through hard moments like these – there is so much confusing advice out there and much of it is unrealistic, unworkable or just feels wrong.

Hand in Hand Parenting can help.

Our five simple tools enable you to build closer, more enjoyable relationships with your children, based on what they actually need in hard moments, and in good times too.

In this talk you’ll meet Lara Zane, mum of two sparky kiddos who is also a Hand in Hand Instructor and host of the Tales from the Toolbox Podcast. She’ll help you learn more about what’s going on in those emotional moments, and share a roadmap for navigating your way back to a better regulated, clearer-thinking child, and a parent-child connection that is bolstered, and not frayed, by these experiences.

You’ll discover ways to bring warmth and attunement to emotional moments, along with clear boundaries when needed. Tools that will build connection, even in situations that once felt impossible. And, critically, through the support we offer for parents, you’ll find the emotional backup that will help you keep going through the years ahead.



Wednesday, July 5th
8:30 PM BST, 12:30 PM PDT, 3:30 PM EDT
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Online Event via Zoom


Lara Zane
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