Understanding Tears and Tantrums, Presented by Carrie Meadows

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Understanding Tears and Tantrums

‘A fantastic course on the hand in hand parenting tools, Carrie teaches from her heart The techniques are very insightful and support parents to develop strong connections with their children.' Kate 2018

Tantrums and tears can feel like the wild ride of parenting. We might think Tantrums should be done and dusted by the age of 4 or 5 but in actuality, they last a lot longer. WHY??

I came to hand in hand when my oldest son reached 2.5 and I was mum to a new baby. There had been a lot of tears before that point, he’d been a colicy, sleep aversed baby. Around 2 when he became more assertive and his emotional outbursts more extreme we were both going into meltdowns together, I felt stressed out, disappointed in myself, lost on the parenting path and bone tired and had to keep going juggling two young children. I needed help and I needed something I could do to help them. Hand in Hand gave me the tools, practical things to do in those difficult moments.

What I learnt:
Tantrums are actually a good thing, (I know, bare with me….) Whenever we can listen to those tears and tantrums we are giving and doing so much for our child.
We are helping to build resilience & intelligence, we are allowing children to be heard, seen and supported in their most difficult moments, which is a great gift to give.

But let's face it, its HARD! Seeing your little one sad, tearful or struggling, unruly, loud, shouty or aggressive behaviours drive every parent crazy. To enable parents to cope and feel capable with this normal and predictable part of childhood we need good information about why it's a good idea to listen to Tantrums AND our own support and listening which will enable us to be able to do it.

This 3 week course will introduce you to some of the wonderful tools in the Hand in Hand tool kit. It's great for newbies to Hand in Hand parenting or if you know the tools, but find it hard to put them into practice. Come and be part of a small group of committed parents and really get to grips with these practical tools that can make parenting more fulfilling.

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