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Why Is Self-Care Vital in the Caring Professions?

April 24, 2018 11am Pacific/ 2pm Eastern/ 7pm UK

Does parenting cause caregiver stress syndrome? How can parental burnout be prevented? Please join us for a discussion of these questions and learn tools to help professionals caring for families care for themselves, too. We want to help professionals build … Continue reading

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May Info Call: How to Become a Hand in Hand Instructor

May 9, 2018 Wednesday at 9:30am US Pacific - 5:30pm British Summertime - 7:30pm Eastern European Time

Ravid Aisenman Abramsohn, Parenting by Connection, Israel

Join Certified Trainer Ravid Aisenman Abramsohn for this one-hour informational session on the Hand in Hand Instructor Certification Program. Learn from Ravid the process and requirements for entering the Certification Program and learn Hand in Hand’s hopes for graduates of the … Continue reading

For Professionals

Professionals Intensive in Hand in Hand Parenting

June 11, 2018 Calls begin the week of June 11th. Sign up now!

“Most importantly, perhaps, is that Parenting by Connection emphasizes the value of emotional release more than any other orientation I have ever worked with. Gestalt technique does come to mind and other somatic orientations, but Parenting by Connection elegantly weaves in the idea of regular emotional release with another person as just an everyday need that we all have as humans. It can be a big cathartic deal, or it can simply be daily trickles of grief or worry or joy or triggered memory that well up and out as part of what makes parenting such a juicy and joyful undertaking.” Continue reading