Free Five-Part Mini Course

Rediscover the joy of parenting with connection

What if you had a step-by-step program you could use again and again whenever your child’s behaviors overwhelm you?

Now you do. This mini class gives you a quick-start guide for using Hand in Hand's five tools. Handle tantrums, sibling rivalry, sleep or eating issues, aggression or any other parenting challenge with warmth and connection. 

Welcome more play, laughter and joy into your family. 

"The content is life-changing and wonderful.
In addition to the parenting-by-connection perspective, it is unique in it's application - rather than just preaching a philosophy you learn practical application.
As a parenting philosophy, it's the most holistic I've found,
in that the emotional well-being of the parents are valued as much as the child's."
Kristen Heron

Increase confidence,
resilience and compassion

After this course you will:

Be able to cycle through all five tools to confidently to handle your child's challenging behaviors, whether that's sleep, eating, following instruction, separation anxiety or aggression.

Understand your child’s repeated need for limits, and know how to set limits that build cooperation.

Use emergency strategies for the times you are all out of patience.

Play more, laugh more, and enjoy sweeter moments with your child, every day.

Know why defiance, tantrums, crying and anger break out, and how to respond.

Always have a go-to resource you can use whenever you need a reminder about how to use the tools, the brainscience behind them, and to recall why they are effective in building strong, nourishing relationships.

Take a deep dive into five empowering
tools that have been transforming families
globally for over 30 years...

Whether you just discovered Hand in Hand Parenting or you already love the approach and want to be more consistent in using it, this class will help.

Research shows that a solid parent-child connection results in confident kids who make smarter choices, not out of fear of punishment, but because they are deeply connected, feel valued and trusted. 

Hand in Hand Parenting is one of those few programs in the world that focuses solely on building that connection, with powerful, practical tools that help you meet your own needs as well as your children’s.

But since most of us didn't grow up being parented with such connection and compassion, parenting this way can feel hard. It takes time and support to step away from old, reactive patterns, like yelling, timeouts or consequences, and practice to use new tools. 

This class gives you a roadmap.

So you can begin using the tools easily and consistently. 

Five modules. Self-Paced. Sign in to gain access and dive in to module one.