Amy Sheely

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Amy discovered Hand in Hand Parenting in 2011 when she had two very young children and parenting was far more stressful than she had ever imagined. She used to read articles on the website while her baby and toddler were napping and practice what she read when they woke up. “The tools would work! I was amazed to see that I could turn undesirable behavior into laughter and connection and regain my cooperative sweet child. I felt so much more lighthearted and confident in my abilities to support my kids.”

Amy became passionate about learning everything she could in her free time and eventually enrolled in the Instructor Training Program in 2015. At this point she had three children and knew she wanted to offer support to other families with multiple children.

“Often in parenting, we feel guilty, unsure and alone. It seems like no one knows just how hard we’re working and we’re not appreciated for our efforts. On top of that, we’re exhausted!” The Hand in Hand Parenting approach is powerful work. Amy learned how to build up her own support system. She learned how to navigate parenting with a spouse who does it differently than she does. And she learned how to truly listen to her children and turn unwanted behaviors around meanwhile building deep connection and trust with them.

Amy knows the profound transformations that have happened in her own family and loves to support and inspire other families with these same tools. She specializes in building connection and resolving challenges through PLAY, something most of us did not get as children! She is experienced in SIBLING RIVALRY, getting creative with multiple children, sleep challenges, helping BOYS with AGGRESSION, and much more.

Amy currently leads a local Mother’s Support Group, hosts Hand in Hand Skill Building Classes, and offers one on one support to families in her community.

Amy resides in Santa Cruz, CA with her husband and 3 children. She is passionate about Hand in Hand Parenting by Connection and wants to bring this information to families far and wide.

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