Anisa Al Sharif

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Anisa believes empathy and genuine connection will lead to a more peaceful world, and that conscious parenting offers people ways to empathize and improve our connections to others.

With years of personal and professional development before she became a mother, she quickly realized she needed a new approach to help her parent the extraordinary little being that is her daughter. Hand in Hand Parenting’s tools and philosophy work so well for her that she wanted to share them with other families. She founded Tanshia, a social enterprise and platform that promotes Conscious Parenting approaches and Child-Led Learning practices.

A Parenting by Connection Instructor and a Conscious Parenting Educator, she leads parenting support groups and other community-based initiatives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and she does her best to practice what she preaches!

For more information and inquiries about Anisa’s classes and parent support groups, Visit or email:[email protected]

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