Benn Lim

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

“The birth of my son changed my life forever but it did not begin so well.

“Before my son was born I thought I was totally prepared for parenthood. How hard could it be? I’ve worked in financial markets for the last 15 years and survived one of the toughest periods in financial history. To say I was naïve would be an understatement! I struggled to connect with my baby boy, I wasn’t used to all the crying and sleep deprivation. The more I tried to be there for him, the more disconnected I felt. I began to feel numb, I started to withdraw myself emotionally and life became isolating. I ended up hitting a crisis point which forced my decision to take time off work to reconnect with my family.

“During my time off I did a 6-week Building Emotional Understanding course (Now the Parenting by Connection Starter Class). What I learnt from the course was vital for my reconnection process with my family. It gave me a better understanding of the brain science of my little boy and indirectly myself. The course offered me listening tools that helped me connect better with my son and more importantly, the listening time that was given to me and the experiences that were shared by the other parents in the course made me feel supported and less isolated. (You can read about Benn's use of Parenting by Connection in his family on our blog.)

“Today, I feel we are more connected as a family, we still have our difficult moments but we are more aware of our own triggers and have developed our connection and support plan to help us raise our son. The skills that I learnt weren’t just useful in building connection with my son but with my wife as well. My life has changed for the better and my son has been a real inspiration for me.

“Being a part of the Parenting by Connection community has helped me through my journey as a father. The support that it offers to parents was a big factor that led me to become a Certified Parenting By Connection instructor. I want to share all that I have learnt through my journey of becoming a Dad and to support other parents, particularly fathers.

“I hold parenting talks and Parenting By Connection Starter courses in Sydney. I also facilitate a Fathers Group which was formed out of my first parenting course. My passion to do this work comes from my desire to support other fathers through their journey and to share my experience.

“Today, I am proud to be a dad who is trying my very best to father my son in a more conscious and intentional way.”

~ Benn Lim, Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor, Sydney.

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What parents are saying about Benn:

I stumbled onto the course almost by accident. My expectations were modest. I didn't feel beforehand that my parenting skills needed a tune up. I was truly amazed by how much ground Benn was able to cover in six short sessions. Some of the things we learned were genuinely life changing, and each worth the effort of the course many times over.

Benn was a highly effective leader of the group. He introduced new material knowledgeably. He drew contributions from every group member with great sensitivity. He is open minded and a good listener. And he kept things moving along so that we covered a lot of ground in each session. – Will Pack

I found Benn's course extremely informative and helpful in providing me with workable tools that I could use to help me in times when my toddler would get upset, test boundaries and everything in between. It also provided me with so much other information that has made me more confident in being with my daughter and connecting with her. I found Benn to be a very good listener and communicator, knowledgeable about his subject matter, empathetic to my situation and he also researched and provided me further information on questions that I had on other childhood development topics. I am very thankful to Benn and his work for the support and confidence it has given me as a parent.  – Geoff Reynolds

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