Beth Hernandez-Jason

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Beth Hernandez-Jason came across Hand in Hand Parenting online while searching for ways to support her toddler at bedtime, particularly after some big changes in the family. Then, when she realized she didn’t have the tools she needed to handle sibling rivalry, she signed up for a Parent Starter class, and since then she and her family have embraced the listening tools, and she and her husband feel much more confident about their parenting, and most importantly, they feel connected to their kids.

Beth is passionate about helping parents get the support they need to think well about what will work best for their family. She particularly enjoys working with parents who are welcoming a new sibling, and with parents of kids who are rambunctious and/or aggressive. Beth has two young children quite close in age, and she has found all of the tools to be very valuable in helping her children work through multiple moves, challenges at preschool, and their fears and anxieties. She has also found the support from other parents (through Listening Partnerships) to be absolutely vital for getting the support we need as parents to be gentle and connected, and to examine how our own childhood shapes our responses to our children.

She is bilingual (Spanish and English) and has experience working with underserved children in the Central Valley, where she worked at a nonprofit tutoring program. She also has a PhD in World Cultures, and did her doctoral work on U.S. Latino/a literature and cultures, with an emphasis in gender and sexuality. She lives in Santa Cruz, CA and can be reached at

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