Ceci Hyoun

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Ceci lives in Venice Beach, California with her husband and two children. Seeking a way to ease the hard, emotional work of parenting, she was grateful to find Hand in Hand Parenting in 2011.

While working in the time-intensive field of film editing, she used the Hand in Hand tools to connect meaningfully with her children despite their very limited time together. Embracing the power of connection and learning to listen to children's emotions, she watched her entire family transform and become more connected and playful. She credits Hand in Hand with nothing less than giving her the emotional tools to parent well and to save her family!

Ceci is passionate about sharing these tools because connected families have more fun, more joy and are the foundation of a more connected and just society. She sees the work of parenting with connection as a revolutionary one and sees changing the life of one child, one family as a triumph in the war against dysfunction and disconnection. She enjoys sharing Hand in Hand with all parents and child caregivers and especially those with children who are homeschooled, highly sensitive, emotionally intense, asynchronously developing and the gifted as well as supporting families healing from the effects of trauma.

Together with her husband, Ceci part-time homeschools their two children with the support of a hybrid homeschool charter school. She gives regular talks at her children's school and also to her local community in the westside of Los Angeles. She is slowly working on the translation of the Listening to Children Booklets into Korean with the help of her parents. Her biggest fans of her Hand in Hand work are her children who wonder, “Why can't all grown-ups listen to feelings?”

Look for Ceci's upcoming events and classes on her Facebook page or send her an email at: [email protected]



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