Dalia Abu Alam

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

My parenting story started years before studying parenting, and years and years before becoming a mum myself.

My parenting story started when I was surrounded by kids in my family, and witnessed their negative behavior that was nothing but a result of their parents not understanding them nor being attentive to them.

My story evolved when I used to spend quality time with these kids, doing nothing more than laughing and giggling. My story deepened when I stayed calm and peaceful while they were crying or screaming and just offered them connection and warmth.

Years and years passed…these kids grew to be teenagers. Their personalities have really developed and they have acquired many skills.

In April 2013 I took my first steps toward my passionate career, I joined “Passion to Profit Community” in Egypt. A simple phrase said by the founder of this community, Mohamed Tohami, gave a fundamental trigger to my parenting career: “You may have values and experiences in life that doesn’t exist in books yet you can pass it to people.”

Hence, I decided to polish this practical experience with science. I joined the Hand in Hand Instructor Certification Program and was extremely (and still happily) surprised to find out that the simple connection tools I applied with these kids were major contributors to their developing personalities.

Before being a mum, my target was to help parents understand their children and deal with them in a positive attitude.

Now after giving birth to my little one, I have become more and more passionate to this career. I want to spread it more and more and provide support to parents. As a very nervous and stressful person, knowing about the parent support offered by this program helped me a lot in managing my motherhood stress and not passing it over to my little baby.

I can't wait to share this parenting journey with every parent.

Dalia Abu Alam
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