Danielle Friedman, LCSW

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Danielle Friedman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a psychotherapy practice in the San Jose, California area. She works with children and families as well as adults to address a variety of needs. She is a skilled family therapist and enjoys helping families rediscover connections and get maximum enjoyment out of their time together. She is also a trauma therapist who utilizes the Parenting by Connection approach to assist children and families in their trauma recovery. She provides services in English and Spanish.

“Hand in Hand Parenting first came into my life around 2007 upon recommendation from a friend. My girls at the time were 3 and 5. Time outs and behavior and reward charts were not helping me to parent well and actually left us feeling disconnected. I was often overwhelmed by their protests, tears and meltdowns and I felt ineffective. When I dug into Parenting by Connection I found that I really resonated with the approach and felt I had found a way to be the better parent I wanted to be. It was a relief to me to have as a guiding framework the idea that tears and off-track behavior were actually a cry for connection. Learning to Stay Listen to my girls as I did Limit Setting increased my patience and empathy. Using play and laughter to connect and offload emotions helped me to see the benefit in the request for yet another piggyback ride! And my ongoing Listening Partnership has helped me to more deeply understand myself and to be a better listener for my children and my clients.”

Danielle’s experience using Parenting by Connection as a parent led her to complete the year-long Instructor Certification program through Hand in Hand in 2009. She gives talks and teaches classes in her local community as well as utilizing the approach in her private practice.

“I love the work I do! I’ve always been deeply curious about why we behave and respond to others in the ways we do. I believe that healthy relationships with ourselves, our loved ones and our community are key to living a satisfying life. I enjoy helping people to better understand themselves, strengthen connections with others and the world around us and ultimately make positive changes in their lives. Parenting by Connection fits right in with the attachment and brain science research that informs my practice.”

Danielle can be reached by phone at 408-772-0065, by email at daniellelcsw@yahoo.com, or through her website at www.daniellehfriedmanlcsw.com.

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