Dina Hassanein

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

My name is Dina Hassanein. I grew up in Los Altos, California, and then found my way to Cairo, Egypt where I worked in real estate and met my husband. We have been living in Dubai for ten years and have a seven year old daughter and a five year old son.

Starting from a very young age, I dreamed of being a mother and thought it was the best possible job anyone could have. I still think so, but I hadn’t taken into consideration how challenging children are. I struggled to deal with my daughter’s emotions and shortly after having my son, I knew I was no longer being the mom I wanted to be. I participated in several parenting workshops in Dubai and was determined to learn more about how best to meet my children where they needed me. I also noticed how many parents around me where facing similar struggles and needed support. A friend introduced me to Hand in Hand Parenting and I began a new parenting journey. I have been using the Parenting by Connection listening tools with my family for the past five years and it has been transformative for me personally and my relationship with my children.

I now work with parents in Egypt and Dubai on an individual and group basis to teach Parenting by Connection. We help support each other through the challenges we all face as parents and also learn to bring a lot more fun, laughter, cooperation and play into the family dynamics.

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