Dipali Ved

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

I am Dipali Ved and I live in Mumbai, India. I am a mother of two boys. My quest to be able to enjoy my children and my parenting journey to the fullest led me to find the Hand in Hand Parenting Tools.

I experienced how much of a difference these tools can make in easing the parenting challenges and fostering a connection with children. I have discovered an island of support with Hand in Hand Parents, where I can find wisdom, support, compassion and resources. I feel like I have found the village I needed to raise my children.

I realised I didn’t have to do it all alone — resources and support were available.  I would love to share these powerful tools with you too.  Please reach me at +919967011248 or email me at [email protected] to learn about these life changing methods of interacting with children and getting support for yourself.

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