Eliza Schiffrin, LCSW

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Eliza became involved with Hand In Hand in 2015 after discovering the listening tools through the Hand in Hand website and beginning to use them in her work as a therapist with families in Oakland. After leading a workshop using the tools and being amazed at the response of parents, Eliza decided to get certified as an instructor.

Eliza is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is passionate about sharing the Hand in Hand approach with parents through her private practice in Oakland, as well as with friends and family in her community. She is currently in the process of bringing Hand in Hand to the Pediatrics Department at Kaiser, San Francisco, where she works part-time as a Medical Social Worker. Though not a parent herself, Eliza brings a deep respect for the work of parenting to her practice and is continually inspired by the transformation parents are able to create in their families with the use of Hand in Hand tools. Eliza enjoys doing Special Time with her two nieces in Oakland, CA.

You can contact Eliza for more information and to inquire about support groups, classes, individual consultations, and school presentations via email at elizaschiffrinlcsw@gmail.com or by phone at 510-969-9059.


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