Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Emily Murray

Emily has been working with families since 2000 when she became a birth doula and childbirth educator. In 2004, with Leah Deragon, she founded Birth Roots in Portland, ME and developed the Community Supported Parenting© model of support for new and expectant families. She discovered Hand in Hand Parenting in 2012 and became a Certified Instructor in 2014 and Co-moderator of the Hand in Hand Parent Club in 2018.

From Emily:

I'm so pleased to be a part of this community of exceptional instructors and thoughtful and creative families. I offer classes and online and in-person consultations for families through Birth Roots in Portland, ME. Participants in Hand in Hand’s programming might also “meet” me as a moderator of our Parent Club.  I also provide facilitation training in the Facilitating Community© model for educators interested in developing their facilitation skills in small group settings.

I’m a mom to two girls born in 2005 and 2014 and have continued to deepen my relationship with them and with my husband using the Hand in Hand Parenting tools. The day to day benefits from this approach and the personal growth and development I've experienced have been profoundly inspiring.

My experience has given me the confidence that there is no family struggle that doesn’t benefit from taking a look through the lens of the Hand in Hand Parenting tools. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you as you experiment with this approach with your family.

Find Classes and to contact Emily at www.birthroots.org

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