Georgie Bancroft, PhD, Psychologist

Hand in Hand Certified Instructor

Georgie Bancroft is a Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor. She loves to support parents by providing one on one parent consultations, parent education talks, parenting groups, and parenting courses.

Georgie holds a Bachelor of Arts and Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychology. In 2006 she was awarded Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology) and has successfully completed various additional certificates in counseling and psychotherapy including psychodynamic psychotherapy and relationship therapy.

She has a lot of experience working with a range of people. Her clinical experience includes providing counseling and group work to both children and adults. Currently she enjoys working with parents regarding babies, infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school age children.

When she became a Mum Georgie stopped work and focused on parenting. Her first interest was in Attachment Parenting. This period marked the start of a long journey in learning about attachment and connected parenting. Following the birth of her second daughter 17 months later, she found a need to search beyond Attachment Parenting and to find resources that helped with managing both emotions and relationships.

Georgie says,“When discovering Parenting by Connection, I was so inspired and relieved to hear about the release of stress through tears and laughter and empowered to realize that I could help others heal. To me this was the biggest gift. I saw this philosophy as my guiding light.”

Georgie is constantly learning and committed to engaging in professional development and training in the area of child development/parenting. In 2014 Georgie also completed training with Dr. Aletha Solter, Developmental Psychologist and is an accredited Aware Parenting Instructor. She also frequently attends conferences and workshops, always keeping up to date.

Georgie says: “I absolutely love my work. I feel so lucky to be able to
help people and watch their families grow and flourish teaching this
beautiful philosophy that is grounded in both evidence and truth.”

Georgie can be contacted by email, or you can visit her website or facebook page.

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